Meet The Team

Learn a little more about our wonderful team

Hotel Operations Manager


Hello Benjamin.

As the manager of the manor, of course it’s only right that we say hello to Operations Manager Benjamin. When he’s not ensuring that our guests are having a fabulous time, you’ll find him entertaining his twins at home.

Where's the best place you’ve visited?  Ha Long Bay & Hoi An, Vietnam.

When you’re not in work what would we find you doing?  Spending time with family, eating & drinking nice food & drinks, watching the rugby, playing golf and hitting the slopes when I can.

Favourite place to spend time at Boringdon Hall? Table 7 in Acleaf or the Spatisserie for a leisurely brunch as it's lovely and bright for a relaxing mid-morning meal.

Secret hidden place in Plymouth that only the locals would know?  The Farriers Café at Mount Edgecombe.  It’s lovely to get the Ferry over, nice walk up to the house and then around to the Farriers.  Arlo and Felix can play with the toys in the family bit whilst we have great coffees and cakes, as it’s tucked away if they’re noisy as it doesn’t impact on other guests there so we can relax!  Although, don't tell too many people about this hidden gem!

Who’s your hero?  Be your own hero, just the future me so you can aspire to be better. Be it at work, home or as an uncle and father, be the best version of yourself.

Head Chef


Hello Scott

The face behind the spectacular dish creations in Acleaf earning a Michelin Plate in 2021, Head Chef Scott Paton is at the heart of the restaurant, innovating and experimenting with different flavours to serve in the four-course seasonally lead menus. With a passion for perfection and working with the best local suppliers to source the best quality meat, fish, dairy and vegetable products, each dish on the menu is planned, prepared and plated elegantly.

When he’s not in the kitchen, you’ll find Scott spending time with family and especially taking his son to football training. When working in a kitchen you don't get a lot of time to spend with family so ensuing I'm always at football training for my son is something really important.

Favourite ingredient to cook with? I like cooking with lots of ingredients but Spring is my favourite time of year as everything is so much more colourful which makes for incredible dishes.
Why are drink pairings important with each dish on the menu? When you are able to compliment the food with a wine it elevates the entire dish and makes for a much better dining experience
Where do you get your inspiration from? I am always thinking about food and pairings so most of my inspiration comes to me randomly so I will sketch a dish and play around with flavours to devise a new dish
What tunes are you listening to right now? I listen to podcasts more than music, mostly ones from chefs.
What do you think is the most important thing to ensure dinner service runs smoothly? Teamwork and a relaxed environment that allows everyone the freedom to strive in their own department

Restaurant Manager


Hello Vlad,

You’ll find him in Acleaf making sure the tables as set to perfection and inspecting the latest speciality wines to arrive at Boringdon. But outside of Acleaf, you’ll find Vlad in front of his gaming PC or watching a documentary about the universe as anything about space travel is something Vlad loves to learn more about.

If you weren't in hospitality what would you be doing? I wouldn't be in an office job as I like to be on the move and around people. My Dad and Uncle really wanted me to get into cars so I'd probably be a mechanic or something about driver strategy in F1.

If we hit play on your music what are you listening to? Kendric Lemar - Money Tree. I like upbeat music as it gets you in the zone and puts you in a great mood.

Favourite place to visit? I'd say Portugal as that's where my family live so I can't wait to visit again and give everyone a hug

Red or White wine? It has to be red, you've got so much more depth and range of flavours to explore.

Gaia Spa Manager


Hello Emily,

You'll find her in the Spa ensuring that our hotel and spa guests have the perfect place to relax and unwind in the tranquillity of our Spa here at Boringdon Hall.


When on holiday do you prefer beachside or poolside? Beachside

Favourite spa treatment at GAIA and why? Poultice - I like the unique heated herbal compresses which are involved in this treatment

A song that’s on your playlist right now? Indigo - Chris Brown

Best way to relax and unwind? Shopping or taking my dogs for a countryside walk

Who would you choose if you could live in the day of the life of anyone in the world? Beyonce

Reception Manager


Hello Abi!

As our Reception Manager, Abi is responsible for welcoming all of our guests to the enchanted place on the hill with a smile. Nothing is too much trouble to ensure our guests have a fantastic experience. When Abi isn’t helping guests check in and out of their rooms she can be found exploring new places and going on long walks with her dog.


What are your Hobbies? I'm a big Formula 1 fan so I enjoy going every year to see the race.

What's your favourite TV Program? Greys Anatomy, Friends and most recently Drive to Survive.

On your way into work what do you listen to – music, radio or podcasts? Usually I listen to music, some up-beat vibes to start the day positively

Your favourite thing about Devon? Being so close to Dartmoor as well as easy access to the Hoe Barbican and sea front. Especially Royal William Yard, I love to spend evenings in the bars and restaurants there.

Favourite Room at Boringdon & Why? The Royal Suite as the bathroom is spacious and gorgeous. The private hot tub is the perfect place to relax.

A story or a time you’ve gone above and beyond for a guest at Boringdon?  We had a couple stay with us for a delayed anniversary and her partner was in the services so they didn't get to see each other much, she expressed how much she was looking forward to her stay. I wanted to make it extra special for them. So whilst they were at dinner I decorated the room with a card, balloons all around the room, rose petals, chocolates and a few extra items. The next morning on check out the lady was very grateful and cried because she'd had such a lovely time. She left a lovely note thanking me for all the help. I still have that letter.

Membership Manager


Hello Miranda.

Our Gaia Spa Membership Manager is Miranda. When she's not busy organising some delightful events for our members to take part in, you'll find her in the gym working out or offering coaching sessions to those looking to hit their goals.

Tell us a moment that you're most proud of... I was a contestant in Ninja Warrior Season 2, I managed to get all the way to the end but unfortunately I couldn't beat the wall.

If you weren't at Boringdon, what would you be doing? I think I've found my dream job here! I love working in a 5 star environment and it means I can be close to my son. Otherwise I would be in Portugal working at a health retreat.

What's your favourite facility in Gaia Spa? The health benefits of the Crystal rock salt steam room is one of my favourites, you can often find me in there after work and enjoying the pool.

Who's your idol? It has to be my mum who's nearly 70 but she's always so positive and happy. Also my son Ethan who is 5 has already taught me so much about life.

Favourite places you've visited? I've visited some beautiful places when I was younger but my favourite is Thailand, Bali and New Zealand.


Senior Spa Therapist


Hello Gemma.

As our Senior Spa Therapist at Gaia Spa, Gemma is responsible for ensuring our guests have the most relaxing experience with our extensive range of Gaia rituals and treatments. When she isn’t in one of our 12 treatment rooms you can find Gemma in her garden with a magazine, or keeping active.

Best treatment at Gaia?  Gaiyoga facial to both give and to receive! Love the results and having 90 minutes on the face is special.

What's your top wellness tip?  Having a rainbow diet, and seeing your food as fuel, especially when we use our bodies as tools for our work.

If you weren't at Boringdon, what would you be doing? Running a Hypnotherapy clinic

What's your favourite facility in Gaia Spa? I couldn't choose just one. I love the overall guest journey being collected in the bright spatisserie, having these inviting treatment rooms and finishing in the comfortable relax room.

Who's your idol?  Diane Nettleton inspired me to know there aren't limits to working in your passion.

Favourite places you've visited? Bali