Murder Mystery Nights

A wicked night of murder and misbehaving at Boringdon...

Releasing your inner super sleuth, you will piece together the clues, interrogate potential suspects and solve the crimes.

Time - Begin at 7pm, leading into a succulent three-course à la carte dinner with coffee

Price - £57 per person including welcome drink

Friday 31st January - 'Murder at the Masquerade Ball'


It is the social event of the year and you are all invited. Magnus Winchester loves his money and wants to show all of society just how rich he is. However something isn’t quite right with all that are attending and one of the guests has a sinister motive for being at the Masquerade Ball. What motives could lead to murder? Is it jealousy? Revenge? Surely it is a clever move to murder someone at an event where nobody has seen your face. Let's find out together as Candlelight Murder Mystery Company invite you to Murder at the Masquerade Ball.

Friday 28th February - 'Back to the 80's'


The 80’s gave us so much...Saved by the Bell, Top Gun, Goonies, Bon Jovi and Die Hard. It’s 1989 and you are invited to THE New Years Eve party to end all parties.

Daniel and Ali seem to be the perfect couple and have invited friends and family to this celebration, but no one is that perfect and will everyone at the party still be alive by the end or is there a Lethal Weapon in the room.


Friday 26th June - 'Spy Another Day'


The Ambassador of Clearland is visiting and has invited many rich and powerful people to dinner. There are plans to unveil a technology that will change the world as we know it. The last Ambassador was killed before they could present their findings so this time security is tight. Lucky for us super spy Blake Everett is in attendance, will he be able to keep the proceedings on track or is he a double agent? Join us as we find out in this fun adventure from Candlelight Murder Mystery Company.

Friday 30th October - 'Murder at Moviecon'


A modern day setting for this annual convention which sees guests dressed as their favourite film character.

Friday 27th November – 'Dinner with the Duke'


A classic story set at a aristocratic dinner party in 1901.

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