Each year, we select a local charity to support. Throughout the year we host a selection of events and challenges in order to help raise money for your charity of the year. For 2016, our charity is the Renal Unit at Treliske. Funds that are raised for the Renal Unit are spent on the welfare needs of the patients, service needs and education needs of the nurses, doctors and other staff.


If you are told your kidneys are no longer working adequately you will probably be offered renal replacement therapy in the form of either haemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.

There are approximately 140 people on haemodialysis in Cornwall; they are treated at three units and dialysis is carried out three times a week for between three and four hours at a time

There are 25 staff who work on the unit at RCHT, the staff who choose a career in renal nursing need to be caring and compassionate, motivating and understanding. Renal failure is a demanding chronic illness that people sometimes find difficult to live with.

The staff at the unit see their patients regularly, often for many years and they form close, professional relationships with them and their families. The team at the hospital try to make the time that is spent with them as informal as they can whilst maintaining a professional approach to patient care.

The facts:

Over 1000 people die each year waiting for an organ transplant.

96% of people support organ donation BUT only 30% have registered their wishes on the organ donor register.


How we will be raising money...

Throughout the next year, we will be raising money in a variety of ways, collection boxes, pin badges, sponsored cocktail and hotel events.

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